San Rafael Clean Business Program

Take the Clean Business Pledge

  • I pledge to keep my business clean and free from debris, including my landscaping, sidewalks, and public area surrounding my business.
  • I pledge to have adequate trash, recycling bins and pick-up for my business functions and customers.
  • I pledge to educate my employees about proper disposal of trash and the need for a clean business, and provide ample options for disposal of trash, including cigarette butts.I pledge to know and follow all city codes with regard to my business.
  • I pledge to acknowledge my participation as a Clean Business to my employees, business partners, customers, and the general public by displaying brochures, window decals, or other Clean Campaign marketing materials provided.

Fill out and submit the form below to register your Clean Business. Don’t forget to order any materials you may need. Thank you for taking the pledge & for having pride in our community!