Ongoing Opportunities

Where Can You Help?

Volunteers provide valuable help to the City of San Rafael and gain great personal satisfaction knowing they have contributed to our community. Find out about the many opportunities to help in city departments, outdoors or at special events.

Do you want to initiate a project in your own neighborhood— to clean up or beautify a public area, or remove invasive weeds or graffiti? Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch!

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Beryn Hammil

Beryn has a passion for Apple products and apps, and teaching. As a self-described “Chic Geek,” her appearance belies any geekiness! Beryn spends time keeping up with Apple technology and educating the public as a volunteer with the San Rafael Public Library. Learn more about Beryn and the free “All Things Apple!” class.

Coastal Cleanup Day Success!

Dedicated Volunteers cleaned eight different sites on the San Rafael Canal,  Bayshore and Gallinas Creek, removing 3,380 lbs. of trash and 354 lbs. of recycling! 

Thank you community members and groups from San Rafael High, Marin Academy, Dominican, San Dominco, and The Rotary Club of San Rafael. Thank you to Parker Dive Service for the Allied Mariner, a 56ft. LCM that hauled large heavy debris from the San Rafael Canal. Thank you to our Community Partners who led cleanups: 101 Surf Sports, Conservation Corps North Bay, Gallinas Watershed Council, Loch Lomond Yacht Club, Marin Yacht Club, Newport Boating Association, San Rafael Yacht Club and San Rafael Clean Coalition.