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The CERT Program provides training for neighbors to help neighbors during a crisis through Community Emergency Response Teams.

How Does CERT Work?

  • Trained volunteers become first responders in a disaster supporting professionals.
  • Teams are trained by the San Rafael Fire Department.
  • Training consists of 8 sessions:  communication, simple firefighting techniques, utility control, First Aid, search and rescue protocols, terrorism response and disaster management, assessing your home, workplace, and community for hazards/damages, community needs and available resources.
  • This program trains volunteers to work together with their neighbors to be safe and self-sufficient in the event of a disaster such as fire, mudslide, earthquake or civil unrest.
  • The Citizen Corps ask you to embrace the responsibilities to be prepared; to get trained in first-aid and volunteer to support local emergency responders.
  • Our CERT program is FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) compliant with the minimum of 21 hours training with an additional disaster simulation and wrap-up of 3 hours.
  • Started in Los Angeles after Mexico City quake where 200 untrained volunteer citizens became fatalities in the aftershocks while rescuing others.
  • Doing the most good for the most people!

Visit the San Rafael Office of Emergency Services for more information and class dates