Connie Pelissero

Master Gardeners Spotlight #17

Kathy Taraban and Connie Pelissero are Marin Master Gardeners who volunteer with others to care for the eight Demonstration Gardens and greenhouse at the Falkirk Cultural Center. Learn which garden they each tend.

Caitlin Chow-Ise

Caitlin Chow – Ise Volunteer Spotlight #9

Caitlin Chow- Ise volunteered for San Rafael Community Services Summer Camps. Learn about why she volunteers and what “Lead Role” she earned as a result of her talent, persistence, and hard work.

Carol Jacobs-Courtz

Carol makes sure that San Rafael Seniors have fun activities, educational programs and workshops, a place to socialize and share a meal. She relies on her core volunteers, many of whom are over 80 years old!