20/20 Spotlight

Boy Scouts, Troop 2000 and Cub Scouts, Pack 2000

Spotlight #12 Boy Scout Troop 2000

Boy Scout Troop 2000 participates in many projects and days of service for San Rafael, especially in their Canal neighborhood. Scout Master Willy Coronado shares their accomplishments.

Cyr Miller

Cyr Miller Volunteer Spotlight #11

Cyr Miller volunteered for San Rafael with his neighborhood association, on the Planning Commission and then from 1996 to 2008 on the City Council. He guided the formation of the Volunteer Program providing residents a way to “do for others and for the common good.”

Police Chaplain Reverend Jan

Spotlight #10 Reverend Jan Heglund

Reverend Jan Heglund serves as a Volunteer Police Chaplain in San Rafael. She is on-call providing pastoral support at tragic events to victims, police officers, witnesses and their families. Her expertise helps officers and others cope with daily and residual stresses. Learn more about how she found this calling in the community.

Caitlin Chow-Ise

Caitlin Chow – Ise Volunteer Spotlight #9

Caitlin Chow- Ise volunteered for San Rafael Community Services Summer Camps. Learn about why she volunteers and what “Lead Role” she earned as a result of her talent, persistence, and hard work.

CERT Coordinator Maggie Lang

Maggie Lang Spotlight #8

Maggie Lang coordinates the Marin County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program. San Rafael has 375 active CERT volunteers. Learn more about Maggie and a vital program that would not exist without neighborhood volunteers stepping up to serve you.

Coastal Cleanup on the Canal

Community Volunteers

Community volunteers do meaningful projects and have fun working in San Rafael on Days of Service. When the day is finished participants take pride in a sense of accomplishment and know they personally helped to better our community.

Concierge Volunteers

Concierge volunteers like people, conversation and helping out. They are the face of City Hall. Meet a couple of them and hear their stories.

Carol Jacobs-Courtz

Carol makes sure that San Rafael Seniors have fun activities, educational programs and workshops, a place to socialize and share a meal. She relies on her core volunteers, many of whom are over 80 years old!

Hugo Landecker

Hugo Landecker

Twenty five years ago Gerstle Park was not a destination for hikers. Thanks to Hugo Landecker’s hard work and persistence the “grand-daddys” are gone!

Tamra Peters

Tamra Peters

Tamra Peters created the Resilient Neighborhoods Program in 2011 and has been running it since as a full-time volunteer.  Resilient Neighborhoods is a Marin program that works to bring residents together to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, prepare for emergencies, and make their communities safer and stronger.